His life’s journeys




Networking in the 17th century

Before the words “network” and  “globalisation” became fashionable,  a fruitful exchange of ideas took place. People wrote letters and went abroad to talk with others who were interested in the same things as they were. Niels Steensen travelled extensively in Europe. He was good at making acquaintances and maintaining them by writing letters. In a word: he was a good networker. 

About this map

This map was drawn for Harald Moe’s excellent book, “Niels Stensen: en billedbiografi” and is based on Gustav Scherz’s  “Niels Stensens Reisen” in “Dissertations on Steno as Geologist”, 1971. Harald Moe included some towns on his map which are well-known today and which Steensen certainly passed through, e.g. Turino, but where nothing of particular note in Steensen’s life occurred.


1659-1664. Green. The trip to the Netherlands.

1664-1666.Yellow. To Florence by way of Paris.

1668-70. Purple: A geological odyssey

1672-74. Red. No prophet is accepted in his home town.

1677-1686. Blue. In the service of God.